When you publicly speak ill of your Blood Brother, you’re indirectly short-circuiting yourself and disgracing your family name. That’s how it is when a Believer speaks publicly against another Believer or Church, forgetting we all are one body.

A Believer or Pastor who uses his or her influence or Pulpit to bad mouth another Believer, Pastor or Church; short-circuits his or her life.

The same blood that runs in the hand, runs in the leg. One body, one blood. There is no difference between us only our level of Revelation of the Truth.

If your Brother is getting off track, a one-on-one conversation is the Best. If that doesn’t work, then take the matter to the Lord in prayer and wait on the Lord for further instruction. Till God speaks, keep your mind and mouth shut on the matter. I know in those days, when siblings are fighting, the elders would call them together and settle the matter and whatever the elders say becomes final. Jesus is the head of the Church and whatever He says to us must be final.

That’s how we must display maturity in the Kingdom for unbelievers are watching us.

We must stop disgracing our Family name. Jesus went through a lot of pain and shame to redeem His Family back to Himself, don’t divide it.

Be Love-driven always for God is Love!