If it were to be that God gives every man what he desires, then I could have been able to desire another man’s wife in prayer and have her almost immediately or another man’s car, land, etc and have them instantly. But God doesn’t answer our desires, because most times the motive behind things we desire are wrong. Some desire cars to prove a point or a great ministry to oppress another minister of God.

God answers prayers prayed according to His will. When you go to God with a sincere¬†heart, He gives you what to desire from His word or through instructions and that’s what you take to Him in prayers. As long as your desire is on the way, the manifestation is not in view.

If you want to see the move of the Spirit, remove your desires and replace it with Kingdom desires. The Bible says, “seek ye first the Kingdom of God and it’s righteousness, and ALL THESE THINGS(cars, land, houses, etc) shall be added on to you”