You can’t keep looking like a failure and expect to become a success. You can’t keep talking poverty and expect prosperity. You can’t keep thinking recession and expect elevation. You can’t keep acting frustrated and expect favor with God and men.

God is busy weighing your actions to determine His interventions in your life. If your actions are found wanting you may die in want, because you have blocked the access to His intervention.

When your looks, words, thoughts and action agree, everything around you begins to change.

Looking cheerful, speaking prosperity, thinking successful and acting blessed are the ways you can make the devil fail in your life. When this life style becomes your reality, at that point you win. Am I saying you should fake it, though the bad circumstances and oppositions are starring at you in the face? No! Don’t fake it, I’m saying ignore them. ‘Faith’ is not synonymous to ‘fake’ – It is believing the word of God over that of the devil and acting out what is believed.

Yes, not having a job right now is your reality. Lack of money or help right now is the reality. The sickness and pain might be the reality right now, but you need to change your focus. What you look at the longest becomes the strongest thing in your life. Why not shift all your focus..ignore the pain, ignore the lack…and put all that attention and focus you use to give that sickness, joblessness, barrenness etc on Jesus Christ. The bible said, ”They looked to Him and they were lightened and were not ashamed”. Psalms 34:5

As you put your focus on Jesus, the abundant life He gives becomes your reality and the devil’s hand vanishes. When light comes, what happens? Darkness disappears.

Friends, I see heaven intervening in the affairs of your life this weekend in Jesus’ name! Your story will change for good. You will sing a new song in the precious name of Jesus!