Let’s assume I pay the school fees of five children from different families per term, who do you think would be in the prayers of these parents every morning, afternoon and evening? Me! If they hear I’m not feeling too well, how do you think they will respond?

Let’s assume I give a lift from home to work; to four of my neighbors every morning. How do you think they will respond if my car mistakenly decides not to start on time one Monday morning?

Will your impact be felt if you aren’t where you are today anymore? How many people pray and thank God for you on daily basis? When God promotes you, who will miss you at the level you use to be?

Paying attention to the needs of the people around you is of utmost importance to God and the fulfillment of your purpose on earth. You don’t have to solve the big problems if you can’t, the smile you give everyday to someone can save him or her from depression or suicide. There are some people I pray for regularly because they support me. Alot we can do to help people and they don’t have to be monetary in value.

God saved Vice President Yemi Osinbajo from death few days ago, not because he is a Professor, but because Pastor Adeboye prayed for him. In PYO’s testimony he mentioned that prior to the helicopter crash, at the camp ground Baba prayed for him by saying, “Lord protected him, you know he is very dear to me” and that was what happened. Why should God keep you from evil? Do you think it will be because you dress well or because you bless lives?

Peter would have died like James, but the Church prayed for him. He was dear to them, so their prayers rescued him from death.

Dorcas was already dead, but her kindness and charity which she continually did while she was alive brought her back to life. The people she has helped over time had to send for Peter to raise her up. Acts 9:36-43. It was recorded that Jesus “went about doing good”, either the little ones or big ones, good is good. Put smile on people’s faces daily and you won’t need to pray to God to meet any of your needs before He meets them. This is one of the secrets of great men and women. They lack nothing because their attention are on others and not on themselves.

Let all men see Jesus in you!