We all function by images. When I say cat, an image forms in your mind and not an alphabet ‘C.A.T’. When I say University, you either picture Unilag, OAU or a university you are used to.

God asked Jeremiah, ‘What do you see?’ and when he saw correctly, God said, ‘you have seen well, for what you now see, I will hasten my word to perform it’. Also, God told Abraham to go out, look up and count the stars, for as far as he could see, God promised to bless him.

When God is about to do a new thing, He communicates to us through images. If your faith forms no image, it won’t manifest any harvest. Your Faith must have eyes to see and see correctly. Faith is taking the picture of the scripture to form a desired future. No image in your mind, equals to no faith and no faith is no victory. When your faith forms an image equivalent to God’s word, there is always a performance of that which is seen. This is how the word can be made flesh:

  • Form an image first in the Spirit from the Word of God;
  • Incubate it in the womb(mind) through Faith;
  • Birth it through the continuous confession of your lips.

So, what are you seeing for year 2019?

Victory or defeat?

Joy or sorrow?

Promotion or stagnation?

Being married or still remaining single?

What you see, heaven performs!